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Rescuing Bethany – a sick, homeless dog’s inspiring transformation (Please share)

Everyday, Bethany made remarkable progress and like a phoenix rising from the ashes, watching her transformation has been an awe inspiring journey. Special t…

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  1. Comment by nehcnerd

    you can? really see the change in her eyes. beautiful video!

  2. Comment by barbararobek

    your videos just make me run outside and squeeze my dog at 2am. my dog means everything to me and other people think i’m silly but i just dont know what i would do without my dear Pika, she makes me smile, laugh and? even cry after videos like theese, realising she wont be here forever. people love yor dog! and if you dont have one, you dont know what life could be. Pika i love you with all my heart <3

  3. Comment by koi moon

    its a? beautiful dog i would like to say a pitlab since she look identical to my pitlab when she was younger.

  4. Comment by TheAloulyz

    Thats so? incredible!

  5. Comment by whitewater0034

    She wont be at the shelter? long!!

  6. Comment by 1221solstice2012

    Her face upon realizing help had really arrived, while she was in the bath, said it all. I wish the same for all animals including cows in our societies. Thank you for being there for the hardest cases and bringing about another amazing transformation and joy again to Bethany who was a lost soul? out there.

  7. Comment by Donna Martin

    I’ve been waiting to see her rescue. I’m glad I knew she had been rescued before I saw it. Knowing she was alright I was able to watch the video. Thank? God for you, and all your angels, Eldad. You inspire me to do more and be more than I thought I could.

  8. Comment by SlashFlow


  9. Comment by Abby Beard

    Such a sweetheart.?

  10. Comment by Chrisnjones69

    Well done its so heartbreaking I want to kill the person who hurt this beautiful dog? god bless him

  11. Comment by Nasta. G.

    People like you are just? amazing, really.

  12. Comment by cinsel

    and the tears roll down my cheecks as usual !! i’m so glad bethany is now out of danger and i wish her to find a lovely family and been happy for the rest of her? life.

  13. Comment by Donna Martin

    You? are a good person too! Thank you for taking in unwanted dogs!

  14. Comment by teresai

    I find all these videos extremey heart breaking? but this was one of the worst.. that poor dog. some people have no heart to abandon their animals like that.. so so so sad. It was refreshing to see her so happy and healthy at the end. wish I was closed to adopt her

  15. Comment by SkreetGil

    Wow, so? beautiful.

  16. Comment by BlAbLaBlAtRuTJ

    Just cried my eyes out… I’m so sad there is no organization like this one? in my country… And people rather buy dogs… They think that purebred dogs show class… I’ve found my dog on the street 8 and a half years ago… And my cat showed up on my door step 2 months ago… and I can’t be happier… I love my two younger brothers, as my parents likes to call them… =)

  17. Comment by RuinSeason

    Visit? my channel to see a video on how to make delicious tacos for all your illegal friends ^_^

  18. Comment by cuppycakes123204

    OMG I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!….it played at the? end of the “Hunger Games” X)

  19. Comment by marthaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Looks like yes,? Leona! She’s on petfinder and billfoundation’s “our dogs” link.

  20. Comment by QuartzGamingLemon

    I? nearly cried just as the video started because I know that dog will have a better future and that you will never give up. Holy shiz I’m breaking apart watching these videos! :)

  21. Comment by alexus1401

    Im getting the pic and the leash yeaaaa?

  22. Comment by MsBarney2009

    I agree about? Ellen. I actually went on Ellen’s website and posted about Eldad there with a link to Fiona’s story but never heard back. Maybe we could all post on Ellen’s facebook page so she can take notice of the amazing work Eldad and Annie are doing.

  23. Comment by wordreet

    When you show her at day 36 looking pretty much a normal and happy dog, it’s hard to recognise her.? I love you guys as always. :¬)

  24. Comment by Ticktacjones

    I wrote my check and its? going to the post office ASAP : ) thank you for making a difference

  25. Comment by rebelgoddess19

    If I didn’t have? 4 dogs already (all ‘adopted’ from the street) I would SO apply to take Bethany home!

  26. Comment by Leona Galal

    Is she still for? adoption?

  27. Comment by susan d

    Beautiful…Eldad and Annie – you are very? special people!!

  28. Comment by Leona Galal

    Shared. God bless? you guys

  29. Comment by TheGabriella3000

    That? maked me cry

  30. Comment by Richie Grant

    Oh Thank you for the video! I’ve been waiting since I saw the picture of her in? the car. My goodness she looks wonderful ! Thank you so much-all of you for caring for Bethany!!

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