When I Die Honor My Life

When I die honor my life

Yes, this is what we are doing all the time.

Even now sponsoring/virtually fostering 4 Old dogs I hope will be able to adopt as soon as this Corona-Hysteria dies down!

PLEASE, Remember those Who Cannot Speak for Themselves!

3 Signs That Your Dog Is Stressed

3 Signs That Your Dog Is Stressed

Most of us rarely think of our pets and their stress levels. It is often stated that pets feed off of their owners stress, but that is where it ends. There are signs that your dog is stressed that can move you to do something about that stress along with dealing with your own. Here are 3 of those signs: 1. Itching and Scratching One of the signs that your dogs are stressed is if they are constantly itching and scratching. You may check them to see if they have any bug bites or skin issues. If you don’t see … Read more