3 Great Resources for Vacationing Pet Owners

Vacations are the epitome of relaxation. You might envision white, sandy beaches, an adventurous hike, or whitewater rafting through Idaho. However, if you are a pet owner, you might imagine your vacation to be riddled with guilt and stress over how your pet is coping with your absence.

While pets enrich our lives by helping us through emotional turmoil and even elongating our lives, they also can represent a burden on traveling. Knowing the resources at your disposal can make traveling and vacationing enjoyable again as you rest assured that your pet is happy and cared for very well. Here are three great resources for pet owners who need a solution for their furry friends while on vacation.

Rover and Freelance Sitters

Rover.com is a website that joins freelance pet boarders, sitters, and walkers to pet owners. These freelancers are Dog Walkercertified by the site and sometimes come with background checks. Rover.com also allows you to browse based on services, schedule, fees, and location while acting as a middleman for the hiring process.

The site’s users can opt to have your dog boarded at a reliable caretaker’s home for the duration of your vacation or leave your pet at home. A sitter either will stay in your home, doubling as a house sitter, or they simply might check in once or twice a day, even providing walks. Rover is a great option if your pup is less than happy about spending time at a boarding facility.

Use Bringfido to Plan a Vacation with Your Dog

Bringfido.com is a site that allows you to search pet-friendly destinations worldwide, listing things like pet-friendly activities and accommodations in each area. This site is a great way to plan a vacation where you don’t need to worry about a sitter or boarder but give your dog a vacation too. You might be surprised at the number of pet-friendly destinations and activities.

Carmel, California, is rated one of the most pet-friendly destinations in the U.S. with no leash laws and many dog-friendly beaches and hotels while Denver, Colorado, boasts a number of beautiful hiking trails your dog will love.

Doggy Spas or Daycares

While a boarding facility is likely to be a small cage with minimal opportunity for exercise, pet spas and daycares are far more likely to offer time outside the cage, interaction with other dogs, and attention from staff. These facilities, when run well, can act as a vacation for your dog while you enjoy your own.

When touring a potential boarder, look for cleanliness, sleeping accommodations, and behavior of the dogs that already are there. A facility that has a number of subdued, unhappy looking dogs is a good excuse to run for the hills. However, a facility that is clean with happy dogs and plenty of room for recreation can be a wonderful getaway for your pup. You also should be sure to ask about the daily routine for boarding guests. Be sure your pet will have plenty of time to play and will not be confined to the cage for too long.

Leaving your four-legged family member behind can be difficult to contemplate. You might be worried that your pet will feel abandoned or distressed by your absence. However, with these resources, you can ensure that your pet enjoys your time away with a fun doggy spa, a caring pet sitter, or even going on vacation with you. Pets shouldn’t prevent you from getting the vacation you need. They should, however, be what make you want to come home after.

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