3 Signs That Your Dog Is Stressed

Scratching dogMost of us rarely think of our pets and their stress levels. It is often stated that pets feed off of their owners stress, but that is where it ends. There are signs that your dog is stressed that can move you to do something about that stress along with dealing with your own.

Here are 3 of those signs:

1. Itching and Scratching

One of the signs that your dogs are stressed is if they are constantly itching and scratching. You may check them to see if they have any bug bites or skin issues. If you don’t see anything there, other than red marks from where they have been itching and scratching, then you can assure yourself it is likely stress related. This may be caused from separation anxiety or simply feeding off your anxiety. You can increase your daily walking, give natural calming supplements to your dogs as well as diffuse essential oils to help them at night and early morning. But be careful, don’t forget dogs noses are much more sensitive than ours.

2. Whining and Whimpering

If you notice that your dog is whining and whimpering as well as walking around like they are looking for something, then it can be a sign that they are stressed. The stress can lead to confusion because they do not know what it wrong with their nervous system or how to deal with it. Keep in mind, they can’t voice these issues or tell anyone what is wrong. Whimpering is one of the ways they can tell you. If you see nothing wrong with their body, like a paw injury, then you may be lead to it being stress related.

3. Barking Nervously

Barking is something all dogs do. They do it when someone is at the door, when they hear an odd noise, or when they feel that something is wrong in the house and they are trying to alert you. The issue of stress comes in when they start barking at every little noise. When they start barking for no reason and you can’t seem to get them to stop, this could be stress. It can also be stress if you notice they seemed embarrassed or upset and confused when you get onto them for barking. They are trying to tell you something, it just may be something with them and not with the environment.

Some of these signs may also be signs of other issues, but when you see one or more of these signs together, it is fairly clear that it is stress related. You can take steps to help your dogs with this stress by helping them through your own calm nature. You can also try increased walking – especially in quiet environment, gentle massage, diet changes,  and spending more time with your pets. All of these things can help your dogs reduce their stress.

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