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Admirable-Dogs.com is my own private site about dogs: dog training, dog breeds, dog health, dog tips, dog resources, dog news, dog videos and more…

I’ve lived with dogs all my life. Even right now I don’t share my home with any dog since my last dog Miki died couple of months ago, I am looking forward to get more as soon as I will be able to. In the meantime I am doing “online fostering” for a couple of them in one shelter.

I also hold a degree in Social Psychology (with the interest in Ethology) and a certificate as a Professional Dog Trainer from Europe where I worked for many years with dogs. Belonged to the Slovak Association for Coop with the Army. I used to train big dogs mostly German Shepherds, Slovakian Cuvaces (Chuvach) and Mix breeds, but also had many little ones too, went to dog shows, got some awards…
I also cared for other animals, i.e. cats, chicken, rabbits, geese, ducks, even pigs

These days I live in Canada, right now in Hamilton, Ontario.
At times I’ll do a Pet Sitting, so if you do need to take care of your darling, just contact me through my Contact Form

My view on dog training and living with dogs is different (= European) than most of my North American co-citizens – Thank God You guys Finally got at least Cesar Millan! Even I don’t agree with all his tips and methods – namely approval of Locking dogs into Crates! – I still agree with his Main philosophy: “Exercise, Discipline, Affection”.
I’d just change it to more understandable for N.A.:

“Exercise, Clear Rules, Quality Food, Affection, Routine”

Just do this if you want to make your dog’s life a happy one.


Couple of pictures of my dogs

Lucy (on the left), Jackie and Rocky (on the right)

About Me About Me

Miki on the left, Miki and Rocky

About Me About Me