Jackie The Dog Story



Jackie The Dog Story

(a Jack Russell Terrier
which automatically entitles her to Doctor Honoris Causae in Psychology)

Expertise: All those Important Life Questions:
Philosophy of Being, Psychology of Existence, and all that other stuff which Only Human Beings have problems with…

We adopted Jackie from the Brampton Animal Shelter in the spring of 2001. She has been found in February running in one of the local parks and nobody ever claimed her.

The shelter employees estimated she may be around 16 months old – which I had to agree with = Definitely a Teenager! 😉

With all the crappy teenage moods and caprices it took us all time to settle down a little bit. But eventually she did – well, as much as a Jack Russell Terror can. 😉

Her biggest problem was that as all terriers she is very active, smart, curious and always ready to “go”, ready to “do”, but since there were only 2 of us at that time (my husband and me) Jackie was frustrated from too much peace in our household, so no matter for how many long walks I took her daily she still did not have enough.

I also think that she had to be raised in the household with the small children since she considers herself ‘even’ with the humans.

She also didn’t like to be left alone (as none of the dogs like) – so when we had to go to work she became destructive in her behavior – as couple of pieces of our furniture can attest.

Then couple of months later one of our friends had to go back to Europe and they asked us if we would take care of their little Jack Russell. We agreed, and Jackie was Excited to have a pal crazy like her. 😉

Unfortunately the vacation ended and her boyfriend had to go back home.
Jackie was devastated so we decided to adopt another dog to keep her company.

We visited couple of local shelters and Humane Societies and let her to decide. One of them was the Upper Humane Society of Canada where we found Rocky. It was a Love at first sight!
Finally somebody she could boss around and he wouldn’t mind!

And we got a relief too. Well, sort of, – at least no more household
destructive behavior, although as the True Jack Russell Terror she still keeps her ‘little-big personae’ attitude. 😉


Fast forward to present:

Jackie is dead.

Suddenly in July 2008 she has been diagnosed with lymphatic cancer,
biopsy results came back on July 21, 2008, she was put on Prednisone and Chlorambucil (Leukeran) and although it seemed to help for couple of days, she died peacefully at home couple of minutes before 10 pm, on August 14, 2008

Rest in Peace Jackie!

Our hearts are with you. You’ll live in our memory forever!

You can see some more pictures of Jackie with her big Love Rocky by clicking Right Here