Lucy the Dog Story



Lucy – The Sweet Doggy Nobody Wanted

Lucy the Dog Story
Lucy came to us more-less unexpectedly in January 2007. We didn’t even intend to adopt another dog, but I have seen a story in the Toronto Star newspaper from the Toronto Humane Society about a little Jack Russell Terrier being abandoned, so I went to their website and contacted them.

However I was told the little JRT has been adopted already. But since I’ve been on THS site I’ve looked around and I have found Lucy – then 15yrs old Shih-tzu who has been in THS for over 6 month as nobody wanted her. Well, not only being old, but she had a couple of medical problems as well: Cushing disease, heart problems, seizures, was deaf, only had 1 eye and had Urinary Track Infection.

So somehow I just couldn’t leave her there. My previous dog – Miniature Pincher had a Cushing disease as well, eventually died of cancer, so somehow I just felt for Lucy, so we adopted her.

When Lucy came to us, she was like a little “wild animal”. I know the THS did The Best they could – and I am forever thankful that they had let to live even this – basically such a hopeless bad case – as Lucy was in quite a bit bad shape physically, however, that was nothing in how bad she was psychologically and behaviorally.

She was truly “wild”, absolutely non-obedient, without any rules, trying to bite everybody around her even basically without a sound reason.
It seemed to me like she never had the opportunity to actually “be a dog” and had a normal human-dog relationship. Not to mention all the stresses from being away from her former home.

So I put her on my “Exercise – Clear Rules – Good Food – Affection” Routine and slowly she started to recover from her wild bad manners.

However it took me around 6-7 months to get her to trust me – especially when her previous owner was a man – but slowly step-by-step she has learned the proper ‘doggy ways’ and eventually came to a peace.

Today Lucy is the sweetest little dog you can imagine! She is content, happy, adorable, attentive, calm and at ease.
She is very smart, learnt the sign language very fast.

She likes going for her regular morning and evening walks where she can explore new things with her remaining senses.

She comes to my office when I am working late and “inconspicuously” reminds me it’s time to go to bed and she doesn’t want to be alone.

I was told by our vet that she actually stopped biting even them when she has to go for her medical exams and procedures, although she is deadly scared of them.

Unbelievably as it sounds, although I originally thought I will just give this little doggie couple of peaceful nice last doggy moments of her life she is still with us – 16, and so far seems going strong….



Unfortunately Lucy passed away on March 1st, 2009 in our home. She was 17.

She became the sweetest little adorable dog you can think of after couple of months when she was assured she Will stay in our home forever.
She was the Only dog I’ve ever known of who would literally “purr” when I took her to my arms and petted her.
She was purring almost to the last minute of her life as we caressed her little body as she was passing away.

Lucy, our sweet little baby, you will live in our hearts forever!

I am thankful to the Toronto Humane Society from the bottom of my heart, that they are willing to give a chance even to such a “hopeless” case like Lucy was.
Every life is worth saving!”


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