Miki the Dog Story

One of my dogs


Miki - the dog

Miki is also a Jack Russell Terrier. We adopted her through JRT Rescue Group after Lucy died.

She also has been in one of the Humane Society shelter’s for over 8 months as nobody wanted her, because – supposedly – she was a “hypo-allergenic” dog who needed a Special care and a Special food. Not to mention her ear infection.

(Yeah, yeah, I know I am a Sucker for all those little “lost souls”. But somebody has to take them too….)

Anyway, we brought her home, and yes, couple of days later Miki stopped eating, got a strong diarrhea, simply looked horrible. I’ve taken her to our vet – she got that black diarrhea stopping pasta, they’ve taken lots of her blood, then more exams, more tests etc etc – you know the drill…

So around $500 lighter the only thing we have learned is that Miki has a very low protein level.

What? A low “protein level”…?
That was the time I took Really Close look at that “hypo-allergenic” Medi-Call Royal Canin food I got together with her.
And what did I find?

Here are the main ingredients:

Rice, Soy Protein Isolate Hydrolysate, Chicken Fat, Natural Flavour (= whatever That is..!) Dried Beet Pulp, Calcium Carbonate, Monopotassium Phosphate, Soya Bean Oil, Zeolite, Fish Oil, Fructo-Oligosaccharides, Salt, Potassium Chloride and so on, so on cont. with lots of other – for meateaters useless – BS – ending with Rosemary Extract and Citrid Acid.

Great God! No wonder Miki had low protein levels. Where in hell you see any Valuable ANIMAL Proteins in this shit? That Only animal food ingredience is a chicken “fat”…??!!!

and that’s The Fact!

No matter what your greedy North-American dog food companies and/or – unfortunately some vets – are trying to brain-wash you into believing so they can make cheap junk food and selling it for big $$ to you.

So now I knew I had to wait until “my type” of feeding kicks in. I also had to do it slowly since you cannot change the food your dog has been fed long time suddenly, but I switched the meat part to lean cooked chicken meat instead of canned meat at first. Then slowly started adding other types of meat, later even canned meat. Also started changing the dry food part from that “hypo-allergenic” BS to kibbles based on lamb and chicken. (as unable to find beef based dry food in Canada)

And lo and behold, day by day Miki got better and better and never looked back.

Today, when I am writing this, it is July of 2010 = more than 16 months later and Miki has been absolutely OK! She even stopped behaving like being “continuously hungry” eating anything and everything in her sight like there would be no food tomorrow, so she has to eat whatever she can.

These days she is even picky! 😉 And dog treats even natural dog bones are laying around… 🙂

Also her ear problems virtually disappeared, although she still does not like to have her ears touched.
She is able also to drink milk without any consequences, which not many dog can as milk gives them a diarrhea.

As for that initial expensive diarrhea? I believe it happened because of the “protein overdose”. Although I told my husband Not to give her too many treats when we brought her home as she needs time to adjust to our food, he obviously didn’t do it. As I didn’t. I guess we just had a hard time not to give Miki food when she looked and acted so desperately hungry. And since majority of our dog food/treats are meat based it simply was too much for Miki’s organism after all those months of “pig food” starving.

UPDATE as of April 2019:

Miki is dead too. As she became older and older Micki developed a lot of problems: low thyroid levels, heart issues, lots of skin issues, eventually lost her hearing completely and gradually was losing sight also. Then one day when her “father” came home from work, Miki ran down the stairs to welcome him, lost her footing and had a very bad fall. She developed concussion, brain damage, lots of nerve damage, even her heart started acting. We took her to our vet – but there was nothing he could do in her age, so after couple of days we put her to sleep.

Rest Peacefully little Miki, you will live in our Memory forever!

Anyway as for the main points:

1.) Never ever change your dog food suddenly.
2.) Never feed your dog any of those grain or veggie-based “dog foods”.
3.) Don’t believe everything and anything you are being told. Educate yourself. It is easy in this days of the Internet

I repeat again: Dogs Are Carnivores!
The Majority of their diet should be Animal Protein-based!

You can see some more pictures of Miki Right Here