Our Dog Rocky Is Getting Weaker and Weaker

Our little doggy Rocky is really going down the hill for the last couple of days. Our beautiful dog, who was always so attentive, alert and full of life is mostly laying in his bed, hardly wants to move. His legs are wobbly, he is getting thinner and thinner although he is getting more food than Miki.

At least he still eats, drinks and goes out to the backyard when he needs to, but stairs are starting being a problem. We made a ramp for him from the patio straight to the grass, but seems he has a hard time to grasp the idea unless I navigate him on it. (Of course, Miki – the Jack Russell, figured it out right away by herself. :-))

I know, he is now anywhere between 19-22 yrs old, but it is still hard watching him like this. He even let me carry him around, which he never would never let me do before.

I looked at his pictures from a couple of years ago, just to remind me how handsome he was. Seems like it is a totally different dog. We all change as we get old, nevertheless, it is still hard.

Rocky in 2005


Rocky – summer of 2016

Rocky in 2016

Seems like he will be together again with his Big Love Jackie soon. We just hope he will go peacefully at home.

Courtesy of - Admirable-Dogs.com