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Glucosamine in a Dog’s Diet

2 retrievers

What exactly is glucosamine and why should it be in your dog’s diet? You have probably heard of glucosamine in the news. Glucosamine has been beneficial to joint health in humans. Research has also shown that glucosamine in a dog’s diet can be beneficial to your pet’s health. Glucosamine is a dietary supplement. Glucosamine has been shown to encourage good joint health. This supplement helps to maintain good joint cartilage. Glucosamine is one of the key building blocks to produce joint lubricants. The joint lubricant helps to keep the joints moving and functioning with ease. Glucosamine in your dog’s diet … Read more

The Myths About High Protein In Your Dog’s Diet

High Protein Dog Diet

Some research here in North American indicated that higher levels of protein in your dog’s diet would lead to kidney failure. (Which baffled me, as an European-born person) However, the studies that showed a relationship to high protein levels and kidney failure that sparked concerns about protein levels in dog’s diets were not sound. The research was performed on rats, not dogs. Rats primarily eat plants as their natural diet. Naturally, rats biological makeup would indicate trouble digesting diets containing high levels of protein. The rats have difficulty excreting protein due to their specific dietary needs, not because the high … Read more

The Most Common Dog Allergies

sick dog

Believe it or not, dogs are vulnerable to allergies too. Veterinary experts now assert that dogs have allergies too. One of the primary signs of allergies is the itching of their skin. Their respiratory tract system can also be affected with allergies. Normally, dogs will manifest symptoms of respiratory tract allergies like sneezing, wheezing, and coughing. Their nose and their eyes may also manifest a discharge just like humans do whenever they have colds or flu. There are also allergies that may have an effect on their digestive system; hence, it may result to watery stools, diarrhea, or vomiting. According … Read more

3 Common Principles For Successful Dog Training

3 Common Principles For Successful Dog Training

Here are couple of principles that are universal to dog training of any dog breed, any dogs – big or small, puppy or old. If you are serious about training your dog and want success, You MUST apply these principles. No “If”, No “But”. Get the basic right first before you start to train your dog! 1. Consistency Consistency is very important during training and correcting unwanted behavior. Always use the same “command” for a specific task you require of your dog. Don’t confuse him by using different command for the same task. Once you’ve establish some house rules such … Read more

Zoey-St.Bernard’s Sunshine

Zoey -St Bernard puppy

Another dog I used to take care of was Zoey. Zoey is a St. Bernard dog. She was just a “small” puppy when she came to us the first time. But what was very unusual of her was her personality. I’ve never ever encountered a dog with such a sunshine personality. I have never encountered a dog with so Much Positive Energy shining out of her!  And I have been with dogs for many decades. She was simply ‘smiling’ all the time, no matter what, everything around her was fabulous, exciting, super and simply fantastic. And she was radiating it … Read more

Yani -The Little Blind Chihuahua

Yani is another of the dogs I used to take care off – a little 3yrs old Chihuahua which is blind.

At first she was a little shy, because she was in a new environment, but as soon as she got used to us, our house, smells and sounds, she loved to get out of her pen, walking around, exploring, playing even running around near by me when I was sitting down on the floor with her.

She followed my footsteps and my calling “ts-ts-ts” sounds, and loved to play tug of war, stealing treats from my pockest and generally doing other mischief.

Video of Yani the blind chihuahua running around full of energy