Picking a Proper Dog Food for Your Pet Dog

Natural dog foodYour dog’s health and wellness is essential to you and your family. So you need to carefully think about the food that you provide for your pet. People sometimes just choose the first dog food bag they see at the store. It’s simple to overlook the significance of dog food but it is necessary to select the best one for your pet dog.

To keep your pet dog healthy he requires plenty of fresh water and ought to be fed a good quality pet dog food in amounts perfect to fulfill his energy demands. Follow the standards on the dog food bundle for advised feeding amounts, unless your vet told you otherwise.

Picking a pet dog food

Lots of industrial canine foods are made from products unusable or less preferable for human intake. Often the meat that is utilized in pet dog food is of a quality considered unsuited for people to consume.

Significant dog food companies aim to supply well-balanced proportions of minerals and vitamins for maximum benefit to your pet dog. Although you might see that many brands of canine food have practically identical labels, a trustworthy dog food business will provide a description for each supplement and how it benefits your dog.

Always check out the label to see what proteins, vitamins and minerals are being supplied to your canine. Try not to utilize shop brand pet dog food as they might be short on much-required nutrition.

Research studies have actually revealed that the primary active ingredient in pet food needs to be meat-based protein, not corn meal or flour gluten meal. According to reviews, a better quality dog food results in a healthier coat, fewer digestive issues and firmer stools. Pet nutrition experts concur that the best canine food is made from human-grade ingredients like meat, entire grains and veggies. Premium canine food is so essential since excellent nutrition is necessary for a long, healthy life.

Types of dog food

There are lots of varieties of canine food to pick from. The three most popular types of dog foods are dry, canned and semi-moist products. Check the color of your pet dog food. Generally, canine food made from natural ingredients will have soft earth tones and include no preservatives, artificial colors and flavors.

More and more veterinarians advise feeding your pet with raw canine food. Which is very funny to me, because when I came here to North America in 90-ties, a raw food was a “no-no” for dogs. Yet in Slovakia I’ve fed my dogs with a raw meat and never had any of the problems I have had with my dogs here in Canada.

You should see the way a dog delights in a big juicy meaty bone. My dogs were absolutely excited when I tossed them part of the big cow or veal bone. They could spend hours playing with it.

Raw food supporters acknowledge the diet costs more than conventional pet food, but it’s worth it.
For example, you can try making a mix of ground turkey, rice or oat and carrot as your own dog food. Just don’t forget to cook the rice (oat) and shred the carrot.

Try to pick a premium dog food considering that it includes more energy and protein than an economy brand if you decide to go the industrial path. Not all pet dog food brands include high quality and natural active ingredients, so always examine the label. Sometimes even your vet can help you to pick a proper food for your pet dog.

Natural Dog Food

Numerous natural dog foods include only fresh, natural and wholesome ingredients for your canine. Natural dog food has 100 % nutritional value which is vital for healthy strong canines. There are likewise active ingredients in natural pet food that really assist the health of your pet dog and make your pet dog’s coat shiny.

Dried Dog Food

A good high-quality dry canine food will be more affordable than the generic brands although they cost more per pound. A large majority of canine owners choose dry canine food for the simplicity of storage. (and their own laziness – I would add!) The less expensive dry canine foods are made from corn, rice or soybean, while lots of superior dry pet foods are made with all natural, human-grade ingredients.

Canned Dog Food

I can bet you anything if you put in front of your dog a bowl of dry “dry ” kibbles and a bowl of meat from the can its first trip will be to the bowl with good smelling meat from the can. Of course, the point is the “good smelling”. Canned dog food also can be a cheap low quality from the meat-by-products, or worse, full of corn meal and genetically modified soya (here in North America). So always check if the first ingredients in your canned dog food is some kind of meat.

“Vegetarian” dog foods

I am Strongly AGAINST! any “vegetarian food for dogs!” That is an Absolute Stupidity! – which I only came across here in Canada. Dogs are Carnivores! So they DO Need meat. End of story. Anybody who tells otherwise has an intelligence of a tropical insect.

There are canine foods specifically developed for canines that are allergic to corn, wheat, beef and/or chicken. But that doesn’t mean they should be put on some kind no meat at all “diet”.


Overall it’s generally best to let dogs eat pet food and not our food, despite the fact that they may like exactly what we’re consuming! Obviously, you can feed your dog treats with from time to time, every pet needs some TLC from time to time!

It is best if you seek advice from an experienced friend, or a dog trainer or your vet before deciding on which pet food to feed your pet dog or young puppy. Be careful when you research on the Internet, as you can find a lot of nonsense posted.

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