Potty Training Your Dog Tips

Puppy OutsidePotty training your dog is a lengthy procedure but at the end it’s worth it.

The simplest method for potty training a dog is the newspaper method.

Many owners have the problem where dogs excuse themselves in the house, because they don’t know any different. You can make them sit outside for hours but they will wait until they come inside the house to do their business, and most of the time they will do it where you can’t see them. This happens because while trying to potty train their dog many owners punish them after they have done the toilet in the house. But that is no good, they need to be caught in the act, but don’t rub your dog’s nose in it like many idiots suggest! The dog needs to learn to trust you not fear you or it will never learn.

The first point in potty training your dog is to teach the dog how to go on command. You can do this inside the house then work your way up to teaching him to do it outside. Pick a certain area inside the house, maybe at the back door or something likewise, place a lot of newspaper around the area and every hour or so take him there and tell him to do the toilet, or whatever you want the command to be. (My friends are using the word “pee-pee” – which I find very cute)

Sooner or later he will do the toilet, but you have to keep a close eye on him around the house so you can see if he is going to do the toilet or not. When you see him trying to pee, take him to the paper and tell him your command, then lavishly praise him for doing it on the paper and give him a little reward. When he learns to go on command try to take him outside instead of the paper, that way he will also learn that he has to go outside.

Most dogs prefer to do their business outside anyway, especially as they grow older, as to leave the marks for other dogs in the neighborhood.

With time and vigilance you can teach your dog anything. Potty training is just a step towards another accomplishment in your dog’s life. When he does do his business outside and not in the house make sure he receives lots of treats and praise, the more he knows it pleases you the more he is likely to do it correctly!

Courtesy of - Admirable-Dogs.com