Rocky the Dog Story



Rocky the Dog Story

(a Mix Terrier with a Staffordshire blood in him
which – unfortunately – makes him The Most Dedicated Persuader I’ve ever known when it comes to His interests)

Expertise: the Art of Persuasion, Encouragement, Sales, Advertising, Promotion and Marketing

The Story:

Rocky came to us in the summer of 2001 after our first dog Jackie picked Him as her companion at the Upper Humane Society of Canada. (see Jackie’s story)

Rocky was supposedly about 3-5 years old, black, slim, with indefinable origins. “The Canadian Mix-terrier” – as I call him. 😉

We were told that the owners gave him up since he was urinating/marking all over their house. They also bred German Shepherds so little ‘screw-up’ Rocky somehow did not fit into their ‘image’.

Well, let me tell you: when we brought Rocky home it took me all over I think 2 or 3 days max to teach him that Yes, this is “My house” and No, “his markings” of corners are Undesirable! However he can mark our backyard and neighborhood all over as he pleases.

He agreed and to this day is satisfied with the agreement. 😉

He also does not have any problems that although Jackie is younger and female “She” is The boss at home. (I think he is actually excited to have a female just for him)

However whenever we went for a walk, Rocky took over as a leader and the Protector of his female – which Jackie didn’t seem to mind – opposite, at times she even tortured him by flirting with other dogs, which made Rocky furious!

Simply put: an Ideal companionship 😉

Rocky is also an Ideal watch-dog. Nothing passes around our house/backyard without him knowing about it. So ever since we got him I feel much safer in my own house.



Unfortunately Rocky passed away on Aug 2, 2016. He was between 19-22yrs old.
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Rest in Peace, our Unforgettable Little Big Fighter, you are in our hearts Forever.

Now you are finally together again with your Big Love Jackie chasing each other in the evergreen fields of Doggies’ Heaven.

“If Love Could Save You, You Would Be Still Alive!”

You can see some more pictures of Rocky with his big Love Jackie by clicking Right Here