Supplements For Dogs

Dog Supplement Do You give your dog Supplements?
I do.

Because I think it is the best way aside from vaccinations to help my dog be healthy. Of course it also depends on the age and the condition of my dogs. Usually it is best to ask the vet before buying and giving supplements to your dog.

One of the best are multivitamins, which provide added nutrition to the dog. These also work to enhance the skin and the coat of the animal. There are many versions around which can be fed by hand to your pet or mixed in the food. Usually they are not very expensive.

The dog needs calcium to develop strong bones – especially the big breeds, so puppies should get calcium supplements when they are growing. The same usually applies when the dog is old, and gets some form of arthritis.

Then there are the supplements for skin. These are designed to help control flaking, itching and shedding, and at the same time adding luster to the coat. Especially good for the dogs who compete at the dog shows.

Other supplements are designed to improve mental and physical performance by helping the dog deal with stress, aging, weakened immune system, free radical damage and poor oxygen availability.

Not all dog supplements can be found in tablet form. There are also some in liquid which can be mixed with the food or given using a spoon or a syringe.

Dog supplements are also available in powder form. These usually contain Omega 3 or 6 and some other fatty acids for normal digestion, proper bowel movement, balanced energy and make the skin and coat healthy.

Dogs need pain killers at times too. Although dogs can withstand much more pain than humans, there are times when they need relief too. Some of the painkillers are designed to provide relief from joint stiffness, osteoarthritis, pains and inflammations. You can give this orally or rub this on the part of the animal where the pain is located. But many will need painkillers when they are sick. When my dog Jackie got cancer I was giving her painkillers. But Always talk to your vet about pain-killers for your pet.

There are also dog supplements that are 100% natural. These can also help. These are made from herbs and seeds which helps cleanse the body from within. Wild yam and corn silk will help the urinary tract while soy protein will slow down the process of aging. Cat’s claw will also help strengthen the immune system against diseases.

We, people who really love dogs, only want the best products in the market for our dogs, so we do use supplements for our pets.

But don’t forget: Always ask the vet and check online which are the best, before buying dog supplements and giving to your pet.

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