Zoey-St.Bernard’s Sunshine

Another dog I used to take care of was Zoey. Zoey is a St. Bernard dog. She was just a “small” puppy when she came to us the first time.

But what was very unusual of her was her personality. I’ve never ever encountered a dog with such a sunshine personality. I have never encountered a dog with so Much Positive Energy shining out of her!  And I have been with dogs for many decades.

She was simply ‘smiling’ all the time, no matter what, everything around her was fabulous, exciting, super and simply fantastic. And she was radiating it out of her so much, that she always made your day brighter no matter what.

Unfortunately I cannot find any videos of her, so here is at least a picture of Zoey the Sunshine playing with one of her treats.

Zoey -St Bernard puppy


The last time I talked to her owner – a very nice hard working lady – Zoey still is a sunshine although not so small anymore. 😉
And she also loves to boss around her bigger older buddy – brother St. Bernard.


Courtesy of - Admirable-Dogs.com

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